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Breaking Down Steelers Rookie Contracts

June 23, 2014
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Breaking Down Steelers Rookie Contracts


The Pittsburgh Steelers signed all nine of their draft picks before the end of offseason practices when defensive end Stephon Tuitt agreed to terms during minicamp.

A handful of rookies are expected to make an immediate impact — Ryan Shazier will enter training camp as the starter at weakside inside linebacker — and they will provide cost-effective labor.

The maximum the rookie contracts will count against the Steelers’ salary cap in 2014 is $5.887 million. And that is if all nine of the players they drafted make the 53-man roster, which is unlikely to happen.

Here is a breakdown of the draft picks’ four-year rookie contracts, according to ESPN Stats & Information.

1. Ryan Shazier, LB. Signing bonus: $5,234,328; Total value of contract: $9,507,204;Total guaranteed: $9,507,204; 2014 cap hit: $1,728,582.

2. Stephon Tuitt, DE. Signing bonus: $1,672,324; Total value of contract: $4,609,444;Total guaranteed: $2,721,844; 2014 cap hit: $838,081.

3. Dri Archer, RB. Signing bonus: $506,016; Total value of contract: $2,748,016; Total guaranteed: $506,016; 2014 cap hit: $546,504.

4. Martavis Bryant, WR. Signing bonus: $439,220; Total value of contract: $2,659,220;Total guaranteed: $439,220; 2014 cap hit: $529,805.

5. Shaquille Richardson, CB. Signing bonus: $190,052; Total value of contract:$2,410,052; Total guaranteed: $190,052; 2014 cap hit: $467,513.

5. Wesley Johnson, OL. Signing bonus: $144,560; Total value of contract: $2,365,560;Total guaranteed: $144,560; 2014 cap hit: $456,140.

6. Jordan Zumwalt, LB. Signing bonus: $104,852; Total value of contract: $2,329,852;Total guaranteed: $104,852; 2014 cap hit: $446,213.

6. Daniel McCullers, DT. Signing bonus: $78,680; Total value of contract: $2,298,680;Total guaranteed: $78,680; 2014 cap hit: $439,670.

7. Rob Blanchflower, TE. Signing bonus: $59,400; Total value of contract: $2,279,400;Total guaranteed: $59,400; 2014 cap hit: $434,840.



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