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A Change Of Heart For Pittsburgh Steelers Le’Veon Bell?

June 21, 2018
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A Change Of Heart For Pittsburgh Steelers Le’Veon Bell?

Bell And The Art Of Heeding Advice

Whilst it’s true that no one can lay claim to listening to sound advice all of the time, it does become a matter of intense contention when someone is apparently intent on constantly going against the grain. When that someone is a high-profile player like Le’Veon Bell and the grain is the Pittsburgh Steelers, eyebrows are raised. Especially since players have already received stern warning to step up or step out, as there are 10 more just waiting to do better, perform better and be better, overall. Those who could not or did not want to take heed, were warned that very soon, their names would be struck from the roll and that punters would opt for live AFL betting over putting money down on their team.

However, all things considered, Bell is changing the way the back position is run with his unique running style, blocking and catching prowess. Bell is onto something, and other players have started to take note and follow suit. All in all, Bell is revolutionising the way of the back position, and not just for himself.

And we daresay, not just for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Has Listening Become His Thing?

The question begs, has Le’Veon Bell had a complete change of heart, or has he simply been listening to alternative (read: better) advice? Because honestly, we haven’t heard much from Bell’s corner lately, and just in case anyone has been out of the loop or needs a bit of context, this is a very good thing indeed.

Who can forget the spittle and spats when Bell referred to himself as a villain earlier this year during the offseason? He even went as far as taking on the stance of one who is constantly being persecuted, seemingly rhetorically inquiring why he had become a target and why anyone thought that there was a bulls-eye on his back.

Bell did not seem to care much for anything, or anyone for that matter. Not the team, not the play, not the end result or the ramification of his actions either.

No More Public Waves

Bell seems to have settled down after making waves during last season when he insisted that he should be paid as if he were a top-performing running back instead of a No. 2 wide receiver. Compensation issues aside, it all comes down to his having realized the value of his performance and wanting more than just a bit of recognition.

Really, the problem wasn’t the internal negotiations or the fact that all parties had ended up just a bit hot under the collar. No, it was the fact that Bell had no reserve whatsoever, and this made for some very unprofessional conduct before the media and fans alike. The Pittsburgh Steelers were not smiling at this kind of behaviour, and quite understandably so.

Nowadays, the specific terms and conditions of Bell’s contract are unknown to the outside world. Is Bell finally learning how to conduct the business of negotiating? More importantly, is Bell finally learning how to conduct the business of self? He may not be the most expensive player in the sport, but he is one that everyone watches, so his actions often speak even louder than words.

Only time will tell. But for the moment, it appears that this may very well be what has happened. A good thing too, as this kind of behavior doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, super-fandom, or commitment to winning!

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