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Hey Miles Garrett, How Come None of These Parabolic Microphones Heard Your Alleged ‘Racial Slur’?

November 25, 2019
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Hey Miles Garrett, How Come None of These Parabolic Microphones Heard Your Alleged ‘Racial Slur’?

Garrett’s Claim of ‘Racial Slur’ Isn’t Supported by Reality

I’ve read a great deal about how players were not mic’d up for the Steelers Brown game where Miles Garrett assaulted Mason Rudolph with his helmet swing to Rudolph’s unprotected head. They didn’t need to be for the NFL and news networks to clearly hear and record every utterance involved in that violent interaction.

Both the NFL and the media have sound technicians with parabolic microphones systems, most with 26” dishes capable of hearing a whisper at 500 feet, stationed all over the sidelines. There is typically at least a dozen there during each NFL game and I can guarantee you ALL of them in First Energy Stadium were trained on the exchange between Garrett and Rudolph. You can be sure if ANY of them had recorded a ‘racial slur’ it would’ve been all over the media before the game was even over.

On top of that none of the Steelers or Browns players that were close to the scuffle heard any such thing. The referee who was closest heard nothing of the sort. The NFL conducted an investigation and found no evidence of it. Hell, no amateur level lip reading of the incident supports it. Miles Garrett said NOTHING of a ‘racial slur’ after the game and the ‘slur’ only appeared when he was in his appeal which was in the process of being denied.

Garrett Has to Show Evidence of His Claim or Admit He Was Lying

I think it’s pretty clear how this very damaging claim originated. Desperate times reveal character and Garrett found himself in an indefensible situation. He saw his appeal was going to be denied and all the playing time and MONEY he was going to be losing and grasping for some sort of argument created the ‘racial slur’ out of whole cloth in an attempt to save his own skin.

Now, this totally unsubstantiated claim wasn’t made in a locker room. It was made in an official NFL disciplinary meeting. Miles Garrett now finds himself unable to retract his claim because in doing so he would be admitting he LIED to the NFL and open himself up for additional fines and possible loss of playing time.

Up until this incident I sort of liked Miles Garrett. He seems a very pleasant guy. He’s always smiling and his interests in paleontology and poetry seem to indicate he’s a thoughtful and kind person. All of my goodwill, which had barely survived the violence of his attack on Rudolph, disappeared when instead of standing up and taking what was coming to him as a man, he decided malign the character of the player he attacked.

Desperate times reveal character and Miles Garrett has revealed himself to be a person of very low character who will do anything to save his own skin. If he ever wants to put this incident behind him he needs to step up, admit he lied and that there was never any ‘racial slur’.

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