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Hey NFL!!! The Game is Safe Enough! Let Them PLAY!!!

March 22, 2019
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Hey NFL!!! The Game is Safe Enough! Let Them PLAY!!!

I’m going to say it. I’m sick and tired of hearing about ‘player safety’. Under the ‘leadership’ of the WORST Commissioner in all sports (and flag football washout), Roger Goodell, the NFL has been beating all the football out of football. They act as it they are overseeing a bunch of children who they have to protect with their every breath, thought and gesture. The players are NOT children. The NFL is full of fully grown, college educated men who are more than capable of taking care of themselves. They are G.A.M. (meaning “grown ‘expletive deleted’ men”) They do NOT need to be coddled and protected from themselves. Let NFL players be responsible for their own safety.


Remember what football used to be like? You’d meet at the water cooler or over lunch the next day and you’d be like, ‘Did you see that hit! Damn, that was something!’ Flash forward to today, have you ever heard anybody say, ‘Damn was that Quarterback safe! There was no chance of anything ever happening to him. I’m sure am glad Roger Goodell is on the job to make sure nothing bad EVER happens to ANY player!”? Never heard that? Me neither.

I’m tired of feeling dread every time my team puts a hit on a player. I WANT MY FOOTBALL, BACK!!!

Actually, The Game is More Than Safe Enough.

One of the reasons for this article is I just saw on NFL Network the Rules Committee is getting ready for their annual meeting and their latest target; ALL blind side blocks. This means a player, before performing a block, will have to wave their hand and yell. “Hey, you! Stupid! I’m going to block you, so get ready!”

Enough. Stop, already.

Now, I realize there is some need to consider player safety but it has gone way too far. I watched a documentary on the forward pass and they presented an incredible statistic. During the leather helmet days there were 14 football game fatalities in one year. That was obviously a huge problem. Rule changes were made. Real helmets and body padding was created. The forward pass became a thing and the problem went away. To my knowledge nobody has died during a football game in my lifetime. Some have died during practice by heat and body stress related maladies but not from playing a football game.

The game is safe enough. As a matter of fact, it is too safe. We could role back a number of NEW rules and they could be replaced by one OLD one: Unnecessary Roughness.

We Aren’t Sure CTE is More Common in Football Players Than it is in the General Population.

Almost all of the CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) studies have been limited to people who have had known cranial injuries or been exposed to activity where such injuries might occur. There have been no studies, to my knowledge, seeing whether CTE occurs in people who don’t play football, play other contact sports or have no history of cranial injuries.

The person who has posthumously become poster child for CTE is the great Steelers Center and Hall of Famer, Mike Webster BUT Webster played in an era wear ‘clubbing’ was allowed. That was a practice where Defensive Linemen could wrap their forearms to the point where it was like they were wearing casts and beat on Offensive Linemen’s heads. That practice has been gone since the 70s. And we definitely know from the CTE studies that not all people who have had repeated blows to their head, or known cranial injuries, develop the disease.

The Quarterback is TOO Protected

The NFL Rules Committee snuck in yet another rule to protect the QB while everybody was still outraged by the ‘leading with your helmet’ rule. It’s gotten to the point where you can’t hit a QB high, you can’t hit them low and if you hit them in the middle and happen to land on them.. well, you can’t do that either. In the famous words of the Man Who Should Be Commissioner, the Great Jack Lambert, “Quarterbacks should wear dresses.” (This is metaphor, P.C. Thought Police, so don’t get started)

Again, Unnecessary Roughness would cover a lot of this.

Comedian Kevin Hart demonstrates how ridiculous this has become.


Roger Goodell has become the Ahab of turning football into the Sport of Wimps. His Great White Whale, I’m convinced, is getting rid of kickoffs. There is absolutely no reason to do this. It is one of the most exciting plays in the game and a way for players to make it onto an NFL roster.

Goodell Has to Be STOPPED.

Three Hall of Fame Cowboys couldn’t stop Goodell from being booed in Dallas.

Now, you would think the NFL owners would realize how unpopular Goodell and his War on Football is. You would think the fact that he gets LOUDLY BOOED, for sustained periods of time, every time he makes a public appearance would give them a hint. Unfortunately, that hasn’t seemed to be the case. If they want to keep him around, fine. Just get his hands off the sport WE ALL LOVE.

FOOTBALL WAS NEVER BROKE and we never needed Roger Goodell to fix it for us.

P.S. And get rid of all the ‘player safety’ propaganda commercials. They are insults to the intelligence of 12 year olds. (No offense, 12 year olds, I remember what that age was like and I know you’re all smarter than grownups think.)

Go Football!!!

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