Inhuman Recovery for Injured Steeler Ryan Shazier

Ryan Shazier Fighting For Return

Ryan Shazier left football fans and players alike holding their breath after a crushing tackle left the player without feeling in his legs, helpless on the field. In their clash with the Cincinnati Bengals, the Steeler’s Shazier sustained a debilitating spine injury and he required emergency spine stabilization surgery.

Shazier only left the hospital a few short weeks ago on the 1st of February, yet he has still needed to return to the hospital daily to continue his intense rehab process. Despite the setbacks Shazier has maintained an incredibly positive perspective on the situation, as well he should. Therapists have noted how quickly his rehab has been going, This in no small part thanks to Shazier’s relentless commitment to returning to the game, despite his nerve shattering injury.

Keeping In Touch With The Fans

Shazier has been active on social media platforms this week, sharing his recovery journey with all his fans. He has been to a Steelers game on Heinz Field where he received a great ovation and he has also been visited by star quarterback Ben Roethlisberger in hospital, posting a pic with the player for his Instagram followers, showing Shazier standing by himself after many pictures circulated in the media showing Shazier in a wheelchair after he was released from hospital.

Shazier’s father has also been vocal about the great improvement he has seen in his son throughout the physical therapy process, but so far he has declined on the full state of his son’s well being in ordered to respect his and the team’s privacy.

The same praise has come from general manager Kevin Colbert who has had talks with Shazier and checked on his progress. Shazier has however been looking towards the future, He has voiced his dreams of potentially one day running his own NFL franchise, returning to college or even owning a company and going into business for himself. Right now however his goals are clear. Complete his physical therapy and return to the Steelers a new man. Those who may have bet on him in the past may want to wait until he has got back to form though, and check out the current AFL betting odds in the interim, as an alternative.

Plugging A Shazier Sized Hole

The Steelers on the other hand have been making moves to fill the massive defensive gap left by Shazier. They have so far plugged the team with veteran Sean Spence who can cover the run defence while LJ Fort will be taking on the passing downs duty.

Its undoubted that starter Vince Williams needs some backup despite already proving his mettle for the Steelers.  The draft will be the best bet to find an inside linebacker to help round out defense. Demario Davis, Kevin Minster and Zach Brown are all options for Pittsburgh if they are going to plug Shazier’s gaps in the side at an affordable rate.