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Le’Veon Bell Publicly Reprimanded by Steelers Teammates

September 7, 2018
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Le’Veon Bell Publicly Reprimanded by Steelers Teammates

Pittsburgh Steelers Voice Their Disapproval at Bell

The Pittsburgh Steelers have voiced their disapproval at their teammate Le’Veon Bell’s absence at practice on Wednesday 5th. The player was expected to return to the fold in time to start the regular season.

Where Has Bell Been?

Bell has been absent from this year’s training camp and preseason games. This is not the first time the running back has pulled this trick for a better contract. The 2017 season saw him arrive just nine days before the Steelers 1st regular game.

The team has been supportive of Bells efforts to secure a more lucrative contract up till now. However, with mounting frustrations, it seems that support is starting to falter. Several Steelers players have taken to the media and voiced their feeling around Bells behavior.

What the Players Have to Say

Certain players feel that with Bell earning as much as seven times that of some of his teammates he should be showing up and signing. Some players feel that Bell’s continued absence is a clear indication that he does not care about his team. Although many understand the business side of his choice not to play, the consensus is that when it comes to the actual regular season games he should be showing up.

No-one cares about preseason games or training camps, not even those who enjoy a bit of Australian sports betting, but his ongoing non-attendance in game season is being heavily frowned upon.  The most vocal of the team members have been his offensive linemen. Their comments eventually elicited a single ‘whoa’ response from Bell, who is most likely surprised at the public comments they have made.

Rumours Run Wild

Bells agent, Adisa Bakari, hinted that the running back is protecting his long-term value by trying to avoid injury. This has fuelled rumors that Bells absence is an effort to get the Pittsburgh Steelers to withdraw his franchise tag. This would make the player a free agent able to sign contracts with any other team he chooses.

However, Bells stunt is not without risks. Industry experts agree that the position is not a difficult one to fill. Bells replacement may do just that simply by playing a decent game in his absence. Not to mention, chances are whoever fills in will do so at a much lower cost to the team.

One thing is certain, he will have to work hard to regain the trust of his team, if that is even possible. The Pittsburgh Steelers locker room is going to be an unpleasant place to be for some time to come.

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