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Mike Tomlin and the Magic of the Offseason Draft Pickings

June 21, 2018
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Mike Tomlin and the Magic of the Offseason Draft Pickings

Mike Tomlin’s Many Options

It’s one thing to make predictions about season based on offseason (just ask Ramon Foster), but what about Mike Tomlin’s opinion that organised team activities and minicamp are worth much more in the way of being instructional than what they are about revealing who will actually be playing for him? The anticipation is almost too much to bear, especially when talking draft picks and where these players will end up ranking going into the 2018 season.

We consider a hand-full of promise. Albeit in draft mode.

James Washington – No. 60

Washington seemed to settle effortlessly into the strong-side receiver position that had been vacated by Martavis Bryant. Will Washington get the opportunity to play inside and out? This was after all the most obvious indication offered by minicamp this time round and was even referred to in so many words by Darryl Drake.

Mason Rudolph – No. 76

Rudolph seemed to be as suited to second-team offense as a hand to a tailored glove. This caused him to earn brownie points from Xavier Grimble. And we might add that Grimble wasn’t the only one. Landry Jones may still be Ben Roethlisberger’s immediate back-up, but anyone with eyes to see will have realized that a glimpse in Rudolph’s direction would not be a complete waste.

Chukwuma Okorafor – No. 92

Again with Ramon Foster. Foster went as far as saying that Okorafor would not have made it all the way to a first-round pick had he come from the ranks of a Power 5 program instead of from the loins of Uconn. Well, hell. Go figure. Okorafor’s fellow linemen speak highly of him and his performance. Perhaps this is the true test of a champion in the making.

Jaylen Samuels – No. 165

Samuel’s role in the offense will be one to keep an eye on, even prominent, and a fascinating one at that, when heading into training camp. An intriguing season is beckoning on the horizon, from a narrative as well as a who is in, who is out point of view, and Samuels looks to be headed for the smack-bang middle of the proceedings. If you’re engaging in a bit of online betting on the who-is -who to watch, this is your man.

Joshua Frazier – No. 246

Pittsburgh will be looking to rotate its defensive linemen early on, this year. Hargrave said it and everyone agrees that this seems to be where it’s at. If Frazier is going to do anything noteworthy he will first have to pip Daniel McCullers to that particular post for a place. If he can do that, well, he can basically do anything.

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