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Pittsburgh Steelers Sign Familiar Face In Defensive End L.T. Walton

October 24, 2019
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Pittsburgh Steelers Sign Familiar Face In Defensive End L.T. Walton

The Pittsburgh Steelers signs a veteran to replace Stephon Tuitt. While announcing the news on Tuesday, the Steelers said that Stephon Tuitt is on reserve/injured list for the rest of the season. Due to a torn in the pectoral muscle, Tuitt cannot play for the rest of the season in 2019. With L.T. Walton in the team now, to replace Stephon, the Steelers have got their defensive end stronger. When betting on, you are sure to find it easier now.

Leterrius Deon Walton with a total of 22 tackles now fills up the spot of Tuitt on in the roster. Walton had his career start with Pittsburgh Steelers in 2015. He made his first start during the injury of Heyward during the 2016 NFL season. He made a victory immediately against Buffalo Bills with two tackles. He was training for the defensive position throughout 2017 in the training camps.

Walton, signed by Buffalo Bills by the start of 2019 offseason, had a release by the end of his training camp. With a pretty stronger defensive line, the Steelers are trying to make the team win. The team has to bring the best of all the players, to win the season.

While asking about the injury of Tuitt, and his signing with Steelers, “It is bad timing for him to get hurt, but it feels good to be back”, Walton said. The other players, who were playing behind Tuitt, will now have to dress up for this season. Alualu, signed by Steelers in March 2017, becomes a starter in the defensive line.

Walton is on the right place after the injury of Tuitt. The players, who have not dressed yet for this season like Daniel McCullers and Isaiah Buggs, can find an increase of their roles in the season. Though the injury is not uncommon in the game, the rotation of players around the season can reduce the wear and tear injuries of the starters. Steelers also agreed that the starters are playing too much, after the injury of Heyward. With best players like Alualu and Hargrave along the defensive line, the team is more versatile now.

After the injury of Heyward in 2016, the Steelers have won nine times consecutively. It is, therefore, so common to face injuries during the game. The history of Steelers says that they can overcome it efficiently. We cannot expect the same to happen again. But, there will be a marvellous comeback from the players.


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