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Steelers 2020 Mock Draft – 3.0 – Down to Earth Edition – All Rounds with Video!

February 21, 2020
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Steelers 2020 Mock Draft – 3.0 – Down to Earth Edition – All Rounds with Video!

In my ‘Dare to Dream’ edition I had the Steelers making a couple trades to add some picks as well as getting the expected 3rd Rd Compensatory pick for The Fake Rapper. This time I’m just including the Comp.

Link to ‘Dare to Dream’ edition:

The Steelers traded the first round pick for Minkah Fitzpatrick. That trade alone makes the 2020 Draft a success but the Steelers still have still have four picks in the first four rounds so there’s an opportunity to add some quality players.

Steelers Won’t be Able to Do It All Through the Draft

The team needs to do for the Offense in 2020 what it did for the Defense in 2019. They have no #1 at Wide Receiver, Running Back or Tight End. The offensive skill positions were HORRIBLE for the Steelers last year with no WR breaking 800 yards and no RB breaking 500. Tight End, Vance McDonald couldn’t even break 300 yards and had yet another season where he missed games with injuries. The Steelers were 8th ranked in dropped passes. They need to add a veteran WR and look to the Draft to bolster all the skill positions. The O-Line is aging and this Mock addresses the interior with a pick but I think next year is the year to add some youth.

On Defense, Nose Tackle,  Javon Hargrave, is almost certainly leaving as his market value is listed at 14 million bucks and the odds from usa online casinos is the Steelers can’t pay that. Outside Linebacker Bud Dupree who finally had a good season, will probably be signed to a bonus heavy contract to keep his cap number down. Tuzar Skipper and Ola Adeniyi will be given a chance to prove they can be good OLB subs.

The only real needs on Defense is to find a replacement for Hargraves and to get better depth at Safety. The good news is this season has a TON of Free Agent NTs and DTs. There’s also a slew of Free Safeties along a wide talent and price range.

The 2020 Mock Draft 3.0

2nd Rd. – RB – J.K. Dobbins – Ohio State – 5’-10”, 210# – 4.44/40 – Dobbins could add some much needed speed and quickness to the Steelers backfield. Shows good patience waiting for blocks to develop. Has a gear to shoot through holes. Can cut on a dime while seeming to be running flat out. Very shifty but not juke crazy. Great contact balance. Will run through arm tackle attempts. Very good receiver out of the backfield and can make difficult catches outside his frame while on the run. Looked to be a willing and decent blocker when he was called upon, which wasn’t often. Dobbins is a little undersized for an every down back. That with Jonathan Taylor, D’Andre Swift and Travis Etiene declaring should make him drop in the Draft for the Steelers to snatch up.

Three year starter who put up huge numbers his Senior year. 301 carries for a Ohio State record breaking 2003 yards at an excellent 6.7 yards per carry and 21 TDs. Dobbins was also a good contributor in the pass game with 23 receptions for 247 yards at 10.7 yards per and 2 TDs. He was a productive reciever for all three seasons with the Buckeyes having 71 receptions for 645 yards at a 9.1 yard average and 5 TDs.

 3rd Rd (Comp for LvB) –  WR – Devin Duvernay – Texas – 5’-11”, 210# – 4.41/40 – The more I watched this Texas speedster the more I liked him. He has a similar build and chippiness of our own Hines Ward. He’s much faster, though. Shows good hands and ability to fight for the ball. Has the build of a Running Back and runs like one in the open field. Not shy about contact and will lower his shoulder and take on defenders. Put up incredible numbers his Senior year with an NCAA leading 106 catches. Is listed as a Slot Receiver on most Draft sites but I think he’s got the game to play outside. Should have unlimited big play potential after being stuck in the Long Horns’ conservative passing game.

Had 41 catches for 546 yards 13.3 ypc and 4 TDs in 2018. In his senior year, Duvernay exploded with 106 receptions for 1386 yards at 13.1 yards per and 9 TDs. Does have some kick return experience but his numbers weren’t all that good with  26       returns for 550 yards at 21.2 yards per.

 4th Rd – Tight End – Jared Pinkney – Vanderbilt – 6’-4”, 255 – 4.67/40 – The Steelers have passed up a number of talented TE classes with their misguided faith in the under performing Vance McDonald. That ends, here. Pinkney is an inline TE with very good receiving skills. He runs good routes and shows that he knows how to work the Secondary. Knows where the 1st down marker is and has good hands. Has the speed to rip it up the seam. Not dominating but looks solid in blocking with good hand use. Gets the seal on off tackle plays. Can block on the run. Works to sustains block through the entire play. Sells the chip block before releasing as a receiver.

Pinkney had a big year in 2018 with 50 receptions for 774 yards at a very good 15.5 ypr with 7 TDs. In 2019 , due to Vandy’s first year QB starter and injuries, his production took a huge hit. In eight games he had 20 receptions for 233 at 11.7 yards per and 2 TDs. It’s not really his fault but it should cause him to drop in the draft.

4th Rd –OG/C – Jonah Jackson – Ohio State – 6’-4”, 310# – 5.26/40 – Jackson played out his eligibility at Rutgers and joined the Buckeyes for the 2019 season. Played Right Guard and Center for the Scarlet Knights and Left Guard at Ohio State. Looks good in both pulling and trap blocking. Clears a path in run blocking. Looks very solid in pass protection. He latches on to his assignment and doesn’t let them get around or through him. Looks for work if there’s no one in his zone but doesn’t abandon his post until he knows it’s safe. Has the versatility the Steelers like from their reserve O-Lineman and has starter potential at all of his interior line positions.  Voted team captain at Rutgers in 2017. Academic All-Big 10. Jackson is #73 at Left Guard in the video below:

 6th Rd – FS/SS – J.R. Reed – Georgia – 6’-1”, 194# – 4.56/40 – FS Kameron Kelly has dumb-assed himself off the team. The Steelers need better depth at both Safety positions. Reed could be the guy for the job. His versatility makes him a little hard to evaluate. He’s a Free Safety but in Georgia’s scheme they move him from high Safety to the line of scrimmage, in run support, a good bit. Diagnoses and moves to the action very well. Sure tackler and consistently takes good angles. Not much film on him in pass coverage. Not fast but shows good range at Deep Safety. Reed isn’t showy so he’s been dropping in Mocks but he’s a solid football player. He had 66 tackles, 2 for a loss, 1 sack, 2 pass deflections and 2 interceptions in 2018. In 2019 Reed had 54 tackles, 2.0 for a loss, 0.5 sacks, 7 pass deflections and 1 interception. Son of former NFL Wide Receiver, the talented Jake Reed.

 7th Rd – NT – Bravvion Roy – Baylor – 6’-1”, 333# – 5.25/40 – This squat Nose Tackle is a sleeper. He has been passed over on most Draft sites because he is almost as wide as he is tall. The Baylor Bronco is a player, though. He routinely drew double teams from programs the caliber of Oklahoma and Georgia. He’s not just a run stuffer, though he’s very good at taking away lanes and clogging up the middle. If he gets a step or some leverage he can get sacks and TFLs. Has a habit of getting into too much hand fighting instead of ripping or swimming to disengage but that can be coached out of him.

This is a tough and gritty player who will be a fan favorite for his playing style. A three year starter who improved each year. He had 31        tackles, 3.0 for a loss and  0.5 sacks in 2017. The next season he had 34 tackles, 3.0 for a loss and 1.5 sacks. In 2019 Roy had an outstanding season with 61 tackles, 13.0 for a loss and 5.5 sacks.

So, this is the “Down to Earth” 2020 Mock Draft. I’m sure things will change once we get through the Combine and the beginning of league year in March where the Steelers will be able to add free agents.

What do you think? Do you agree with our assessments the Mock Draft? Any ‘can’t miss’ prospects you want the team to target? Any other positions you think need to be addressed?

Go Steelers!!!

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