Steelers 2020 Undrafted Free Agents – Analysis and Video!

The Steelers have already augmented their roster with a lot XFL players. That’s good because this year’s crop of UDFAs is a little disappointing. There is some chance of O-Line, D-Line and Secondary players sticking. So, here they are!

2020 UDFAs

DL – Josiah Coatney – Ole’ Miss – 6′ 3″, 308# – 5.21/40-. Coatney is a superior player in all phases of the game to Carlos Davis, the ‘traits based prospect’ the Steelers took in the 7th Rd. Look at how disruptive he is. If he’s not double teamed, he either knocks his guy into the backfield or tosses him aside. He’s got a high motor. He played in a 4-3 in college along side Benito Jones. I had thought Coatney would be a 3-4 DE but looking at his film again he can play NT and he has the athleticism to play across the D-line. Very good chance to make PS. Good chance to make the final 53.

Center/OG – Christian Montano – Tulane – 6’-4”, 300# 5.25/40 – Looks to be a good athlete with good size for the position. Is an Ivy League grad transfer so he’s got the smarts. Is generally good in pass protection. Mobile enough to play OG. Shows ability to block on the run. His vertical, 3 cone drill and 20 yd shuttle on his virtual Pro Day would’ve made it onto the Combine’s top performers page. Gets pad level too high which makes him waste bend in pass pro and saps his power as a drive blocker. With some work on his technique he might develop into a reliable sub. Good chance to make PS. Chance to make the final 53.

CB – Trajan Bandy – Miami – He’s short even for a Slotback at 5’-8” but he’s scrappy in coverage and tough near the line of scrimmage. Trusts his recovery speed too much but that can be coached out of him. Classic overachiever who would go all out on special teams. Ran a 4.50/40 so he’s fast enough. The Steelers like this kind of player. Chance to make the PS.

CB – James Pierre – FAU – 6’-0”, 190# -Too slow for CB with a 4.59/40 so I’m guessing the Steelers want him for Safety. Has some good traits for FS/SS swing sub. Is aggressive in man coverage and plays tough near the line of scrimmage. Chance to make PS.

LB – James Lockhart – Baylor – His tape doesn’t look bad but he only started for one year and had average production. Slight chance of making PS.

P – Corliss Waitman – Mississippi St. – Left footed. Had 158 punts for 6740 yards for 42.7 yards per. Can also do kickoffs and emergency Field Goal Kicker duties. Jordan Berry had a 45.5 yard average last year. Slight chance to make PS.

DL – Calvin Taylor – Big but not very disruptive. Doesn’t have any pass rush moves. Can be controlled by a single blocker. Worse than Dan McCullers. No chance.

LB – John Houston – USC – Very stiff. Takes bad angles allowing runners to get by him. Read and react time below average. Is slow. Put up good numbers but that won’t translate at the next level. No chance.

LB – Leo Lewis – Ole’ Miss – Appears athletic but is very weak after initial contact. Read and react time below average. QBs can move him away from plays on play action. Hesitates when he should be driving through a tackle. He has no moves and if a blocker lands solid on him he’s done for that play. No chance.

FB Spencer Nigh – Auburn – Has barely played at all. He’s big at 267# so maybe he’s a good blocker. Has some special teams stats. Has only one carry and two catches on his career. No player film available. Didn’t the Steelers just replace one FB who couldn’t contribute on offense? No chance.

So, that’s the UDFAs. Landing two players who have a shot at making the 53 isn’t bad but it’s not good, either. Nobody knows how the off season practice is going to go, so, it will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

Go Steelers!!!