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Steelers Have Hardest Schedule in 2015

April 6, 2015
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Steelers Have Hardest Schedule in 2015


If the Pittsburgh Steelers want to return to the playoffs in 2015, they’ll have to navigate through the league’s toughest schedule to get there.

CBS Sports published the rankings of 2015 schedules on Wednesday, and the Steelers stand atop the list with an overall opponent record of 147-107-2 (.579) (click here for more).

Here’s a look at who the Steelers play in 2015:

AFC North: Baltimore x 2 (10-6), Cincinnati x 2 (10-5-1), Cleveland x 2 (7-9)
AFC West: Denver (12-4), Kansas City (9-7)*, Oakland (3-13), San Diego (9-7)*
NFC West: Arizona (11-5), San Francisco (8-8), St. Louis (6-10)*, Seattle (12-4)*
Others: Indianapolis (11-5), New England (12-4)*

(* denotes away games)

That’s nine games against playoff teams, including the two Super Bowl participants, so yeah, the schedule will be a challenge.

Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette looked back over the past seven seasons and found that other than the 2008 Steelers, who won the Super Bowl, the only team over that time frame that had the league’s toughest schedule and still made the playoffs was the 2013 Carolina Panthers (click here for more).

Having a tough schedule doesn’t mean that there won’t be postseason success, as Fittipaldo points out, but it doesn’t make things easier either.

“It is easier to make the playoffs if you have one of the five easiest schedules,” Fittipaldo wrote. “Seventeen teams with that designation made the playoffs in the past seven years while only 11 of the teams with a top-five most difficult schedule qualified.”

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