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Steelers: Ramon Foster And The Art Of Predicting The Future

June 21, 2018
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Steelers: Ramon Foster And The Art Of Predicting The Future

Ramon Foster, Predictions And Minicamp

Fans often tend to view offseason as a bit of a passion killer, with many not actually emotionally invested in the humdrum of new contracts, re-signings, training camp and the like. However, offseason is an important pre-runner to what happens during playing season. Ask any Steelers player to pinpoint the most crucial time of the year and the answer is bound to be: minicamp. It may not match the excitement of NRL premiership odds, but we’ll be damned if it’s not going to stand out nonetheless.

So then, according to Ramon Foster and, which players stood out during the 2018 Organised Team Activities and, of course, minicamp? Behold, the Ramon Foster two-man rundown for 2018.

Running Back James Conner

No surprises here. Conner has on more than one occasion expressed the view that he (Connor) was in the process of constantly growing and learning. And really, he has shown himself to be a tenacious player, not least of all for the fact that Connor had been battling Hodgkin’s Lymphoma whilst braving early morning workouts in between chemo-sessions. Connor not only connected with fans on a very personal and human level because of this, but something else manifested very prominently: Connor had grit and determination.

2017 was Connor’s first year with the Steelers, and we daresay, it was a typical first year. He seemed to struggle with finding his professional feet and experienced everything that went along with first-year hiccups. That having been said, Connor did manage to showcase his potential quite effectively, having gained 144 yards on 32 carries.

Notable too is the fact that whenever any other Steelers player is asked about James Connor, mention is made of Le’Veon Bell. Make of that what you will.

Wide Receiver Justin Hunter

According to Foster, Hunter is making a new range of plays. Plays that were not seen during 2017. Hunter is a combat-catch catching machine and he’s going at it in true daredevil style. It’s all about the deep balls and the high jumps and its bound to secure a sterling future with the Steelers.

When the Steelers first signed Hunter pre-2017, not many fans took much notice at all. After all, Hunter had not yet had the opportunity to show himself to be a NFL players of substance. In fact, many fans considered him to be a back-up plan in the event of injury to other, better, players.

But let it be said: this is no longer the case. Hunter seems to have listened to Ben Roethlisberger, if I’m going to throw it to you, make a play for me.

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