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Steelers – Some Lessons to be Learnt

October 15, 2018
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Steelers – Some Lessons to be Learnt

There are quite a few things that the Steelers versus Bengals game taught us this week. If you are into online betting with Unibet sportsbook, we are sure you would want to know what’s been happening since then. We bring you a comprehensive list of all that you need to know.

  1. There is indeed something such as Special Teams:

The first touchdown by the Bengals was at 54 yards which is a small drive. However, the build-up started when they were in their own 46-yard line. But it was actually helped quite a bit by the three drives that were made by them earlier. The Bengals basically wound up at what was basically the same spot where the Steelers line of scrimmage was without actually gaining anything on the offensive.

  1. Vance McDonald deserves to be considered for the Pro Bowl:

The Bengals defense was crushed by the Steelers throughout the match. Vance McDonald, in particular, looked great as part of the team. He played well and tried to tie up any loose ends that might occur during the game play.

  1. Star Players rise up to the occasion always:

This is a well-known fact that star players are called star players for a reason. This was proved in the Steelers versus Bengal game as both AB and JuJu played amazingly well in the fourth quarter of the match. Plus, there was Ben that had an absolutely great comeback.

  1. James Conner is actually playing much better than what he is being credited for:

Not only is Conner filling in great in place of Le’Veon Bell but he is also doing tremendously well right on his own. He has seven touchdowns to his name in the first six games that tied him with the Steelers all-time best. He shares his achievement with Franco Harris and Jerome Bettis.

  1. If Le’Veon makes a return, one should make him part of the Steelers offense and position him at WR3:

This positioning will help keep both Conner and Le’Veon on the field together which will be great for the team. It will actually make up their offense extremely strong. It will be a tough task for competitors to beat the team in this case.

  1. The defense of the Steelers team has gotten stronger of late:

The end of the match showed some stats like this. The first downs showed the Steelers at 26 and the Bengals at 19. The total yards covered was 481 for the Steelers and 275 for the Bengals. The Steelers also has possession of the ball more than that of the Bengals at 34.56 minutes. Thus, even statistically the Steelers were stronger than the Bengals.

There are quite a few lessons that we as well as the team can learn from the past matches. The only thing required now is to keep the momentum going strong and not lose focus from their game play midway through the matches. Do you think that the Steelers can pull it off this year?


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