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Steelers Tailgating Guide

January 15, 2015
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Steelers Tailgating Guide

What can Steelers fans do to prepare for one of the biggest games of the season? Easy—they can plan their best tailgate party. So what exactly makes a great tailgate? Is it hot food and plenty of buffalo chicken dip? Or is it spiked apple cider that will keep you warm all day in the parking lot?

Here is what you need to throw an awesome tailgate:

  1. Table and chairs. It’s a night game this week, so being able to take a load off after a few rounds of beer pong and several hours of tailgating will be welcomed and needed.
  2. Enough food to keep you going the whole day. Food that will last you all day, bags of chips, and snacks are key to keeping the party rolling. You don’t want to run out of stuff to munch on after you’ve been drinking for six hours.
  3. A grill. A small portable grill that you can cook hot dogs, burgers, and kielbasa on will be the welcome warm treat you’re craving half-way through the day.
  4. Portable stereo or iPod player. Hearing “Renegade” and “Black and Yellow” will get you and your friends pumped for the game long before it starts.
  5. Extra warm clothing. Pittsburgh weather can be brutal and unpredictable. Even if you think you’ll be fine in your hoodie and jersey, a back-up rain coat, pair of gloves, and a blanket will be a lifesaver if it starts raining or drops twenty degrees when night falls.
  6. Bottles of water and Advil for the ride home. Two words: hangover prevention.
  7. Alcohol. Make sure you stock up on cases of beer, liquor, and whatever else you need for the of-age crowd before Sunday. Beer distributors and state stores are closed on Sundays, so don’t make the mistake of thinking you can pick up a few cases before you head down to Heinz. Take the Steelers bar with you!
  8. Your Terrible Towel.
Steelers Tailgating Table

Steelers Tailgating Table


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