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Steelers Will Only Extend The Contract Of One Player In 2019

July 30, 2019
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Steelers Will Only Extend The Contract Of One Player In 2019

With only days before the start of training camp, the Pittsburgh Steelers are planning to extend the contract of only one player in 2019. Despite signing a sizable contract extension with a player who would have been the most important free agent for the Steelers in 2020, there’s an expectation among some fans. As such, a section of fans expects that more deals are coming during this offseason – an opinion that one or two players seem to share.

After back-to-back seasons with significant expenditures, some seem to have been lulled into a sense of false security. For them, this appears to be a sustainable business for the Steelers. However, the team has less salary cap space than they are used to work with at this time of the year. As such, we highly doubt if Pittsburgh will entertain contract extensions in 2019 except for the cornerback Joe Haden.

While expected to earn a basic salary of $10 million in the final year of his contract, Haden’s new deal could reduce his cap hit significantly in 2019. That will provide the Steelers with the extra room they need.  With two extra players on their roster, the Steelers are still struggling with the team’s offseason costs for workout bonuses. As such, the team would be open to horse betting online if it was possible, as any amount saved from the Haden deal will be quickly utilized in other places.

Unfortunately for Jason Hargrave, Sean Davis and Mike Hilton, there’s little left to entertain a deal extension for them. Making matters worse for the three, they’ll all have to earn low base salaries in 2019, and there’s no scope for an extension offer without increasing their cap hit. Hilton is the most impacted in this regard, having in mind that he’s currently due to earn only $645,000.

Hilton isn’t expected to command an extension within the $36 million range that his fellow cornerbacks Kenny Moore and Justin Coleman signed with Indianapolis Colts and Detroit Lions respectively. However, there’s no doubt that he’ll receive a substantial increase over his salary as part of the new deal. Nonetheless, Pittsburg may not be able to afford that salary.

In the past, when the Steelers wanted to make moves during a tight cap year, they’ve always restructured other contracts to create the room they need. This option remains open for them in 2019, though there are several risks attached. Theoretically, the front office will need to create a cap space of 10’s of millions, if they’re willing to go too far with the restructuring. However, that will have a brutal impact on future seasons, specifically heading into 2020 when the Steelers is expected to have problems.


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