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How to Tailgate at an NFL Game

January 15, 2015
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How to Tailgate at an NFL Game

When you’re headed to the football game to tailgate, NFLShop.com is your source for everything you need for gameday fun. Not sure of what exactly you need for a memorable party in the parking lot? Our guide to stadium tailgating will ensure you are fully prepared and ready for the event!

1. Save time at the gate with clear bags

The NFL’s bag policy is designed to make stadiums safer while not limiting access to football fans. The policy states that your bag must be clear and no larger than 12″x6″x12″. In an effort to assist you with removing the question of if your bag will make it through security, we have a full line of clear tote bags available for purchase.

Branded with your favorite team’s logo, it is an essential accessory for tailgating. The large size ensures you won’t have to leave anything behind when going into the stadium. Choose from clear drawstring bags, basic tote bags, and high-end messenger bag which features an additional compartment.

2. Grab the tailgating essentials: tables, grills, and cups

The food is a staple of any tailgating party. From burgers and dogs to chips and dip, you need the essentials to cook and serve.

Our portable tailgating grills come with your favorite team’s logo, so your cooking will always have home field advantage. Economical and lightweight, our grills can easily be brought to the stadium or set up in the backyard quickly. The InstaStart ignition system provides reliable starting without the need for matches. The PerfectFlow regulation system provides even heat even in high altitudes or cold weather. When the food is done, serve it up with our full line of serving trays, plates, salt and pepper shakers, and drinkware! Don’t forget about folding tailgating tables to lay out your spread. Easy to set up and break down, our picnic tables are essential for any tailgating pro!

3. Kill time with tailgating games

Take the tailgating to the next level with these essential tailgating games. From old favorites like washers to the ever-popular bean bag toss, games are a great way to pass the time until kick off and get the competitive juices flowing. Get your hands on your favorite team’s version of washer toss, bean bag toss, or ladder toss.

The rules on bean bag toss and washer toss are simple: Each team gets 3 throws to the cups which are placed 21′ apart. A toss in the hole is worth 3 points, on the board (or box for washers) is worth 1 point. Points are canceled out by matching opposing throws. First team to 21 (or 11 for quicker games) wins.

4. Deck out your vehicle with tons of car accessories

Don’t be that guy who rolls into the stadium parking lot without a single team logo represented on your vehicle. From car clings to car flags, deck out your car with our full inventory of auto accessories. You’ll be able to hit every inch of your car with high quality and durable decals, stickers, magnets, flags, and even license plates and plate covers.

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