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Tailgating the Pittsburgh Panthers

January 14, 2015
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Tailgating the Pittsburgh Panthers

Following are rules that all fans should follow when tailgating for a Pittsburgh football game:


  • Parking lots will be open five (5) hours prior to game time. Cars will not be permitted to sit in front of the entrance to the lot prior to the lot opening.
  • Extra spaces will not be sold in the North Shore Lots, one space per vehicle. Tailgating is to be contained to the paid space only.

Pre-Sold Parking Lots

  • City police will patrol all presold lots around the stadium to keep the aisles clear and to enforce regulations. City police have also requested that Presold Parking Tickets must be displayed hanging from the rearview mirror upon approaching the North Shore and remain on your vehicle while you are parked in the lot.
  • Presold parking ticket holders are responsible for their conduct, as well as the conduct of any guests and/or persons holding their parking passes.Parking patrons and guests who violate parkingregulations will be subject to ejection without refundand potential loss of future parking privileges.

Prohibited Items

  • Open fires, other than cooking grills, will not be permitted in any of the lots. No glass containers are permitted. No tents, beach umbrellas, portable toilets, limos, RVs, campers, limos, uhaul trucks, buses, or any other oversized vehicles are permitted.


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