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The Steelers Attempt to Resolve Their Need for Speed

December 16, 2019
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The Steelers Attempt to Resolve Their Need for Speed

In a bid to resolve speed issues in their squad, the Pittsburgh Steelers have signed a couple of new faces on their offense. The initial results haven’t been disappointing, given that they’ve won the last two against, including one away game against the Cardinals.

On the football field, speed is an essential factor that most coaches fear and covet. Just like identifying value before wagering in an Indiana online sports betting site, the possibility of making big plays from anywhere on the pitch is quite attractive to coaches. Some coaching staff obsessively design game plans every week set to use them to their advantage, acting like mad scientists in their labs. However, having speed and not knowing how to properly use it is worse than not having it at all.

In the NFL, offenses are enjoying tremendous success this season by concentrating on their speed and destroying defenses that don’t match up. For instance, the Baltimore Ravens are capitalizing on the speed of quarterback Lamar Jackson, an uber-athletic MVP dominating the position. The Kansas City Chiefs are also taking advantage of their lead Tyreek Hill together with Mecole Hardman. That has the Steeler to start concentrating on changing the speed of their offense, which has been a bit lacking.

The Steelers appear to have a speed deficiency is several vital positions, lacking both short-area quickness and elite long speed. The team lost in both sides after trading wide receivers Brown and Bryant in the last few offseasons, though they’re still looking for a replacement. However, they recently tried to address their predicament by drafting two players from other clubs’ practice teams.

The Steelers recently drafted right back Kerrith Whyte from the Chicago Bears practice team and Deon Cain off the Indianapolis Colts. These two players were undoubtedly attractive to the Steelers thanks to their superior speed, which the squad has been missing. Fortunately, the initial results have been excellent, despite the small sample size.

At first glance, you can assume that the Steelers chose Whyte to get the much-needed juice in their return unit, though it’s evident that they had better plans. While running for Florida Atlantic, Kerrith excelled as a brilliant big-play performer whose skills ran from the right back to the kick runner, mainly as a backup. Kerrith backed up starting right-back Devin Singletary, who plays the Steelers primetime opponents in a week, the Buffalo Bills.

The Steelers also needed a wide receiver following a series of injuries that left the position open. However, the squad surprised many by how they filled the gap, reaching for Deon Cain instead of a veteran free agent such as Terrelle Pryor. However, the Indianapolis Colts weren’t pleased by the Steelers drafting Cain from their practice squad.

This far, Cain seems to be a spectacular fit with the team and coaches, making an immediate impression after the first practice on the Steelers squad. His speed caught the attention of fellow teammate James Washington, who commented on his impressive speed. However, only time will tell whether the new drafts can fully satisfy the need for speed on the offense.


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