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The Steelers Have The Best Fans

March 26, 2019
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The Steelers Have The Best Fans

Here we go Steelers! However, instead of saluting the Pittsburgh’s team, today we’ll be celebrating the best NFL fans in the world, the Steelers fans. These fans are known all over the world and all for good reasons. You can learn more here or head to college ball betting and place your wager.

Why Steelers Have The Best Fans

  1. They are loyal

There’s no secret that Steelers have the most loyal fans in the world. They stand by the team no matter the outcome. In an amazing season, we are here to celebrate with the team, and we are always looking forward to the next season, even when things are terrible. The Pittsburghers are the perfect definition of breathtaking loyalty.

  1. The Terrible Towel

Throughout every game, fans carry the Terrible Towel as a sacred symbol of Pittsburgh. A veteran broadcaster Myron Cope invented the towel and it was adopted by the fans in the early 1970s. This towel brings the fans together, and though it has been imitated, it has never been duplicated.

He Steelers fans keep the towel in their homes, favorite bars and even in offices. Moreover, they have terrible towels for different occasions, including Christmas, Halloween and cause-themed towels.

  1. Steelers Fans Are Everywhere

On Sundays, Pittsburgh looks like a different world. Fans from all over the country come in gold and black ready to cheer for the greatest NFL team in the world. The fans not only travel and inhabit NFL locales, but they’re also a worldwide force. In fact, the Pittsburgh Steelers has the biggest fan-base abroad.

  1. Year-Round Support System

The Steelers fans not only support the team from August to February. They are into their team all year long. You’ll find them talking about the Steelers while watching the Pittsburgh Pirates playing baseball at PNC Park in the summer.

The fans track offseason moves, analyze and dissect the drafts before the season starts. By training camp, the fans know everything about every player including the rookies and they start supporting them as they practice. Summers in Pittsburgh include going to training camp, with most people going more than once.

  1. Over Four Decades Without Open Seats

Though it’s not the longest NFL streak, the Steelers have sold out all their tickets for the home game since 1972. That’s over four decades of selling out their stadium, despite going through several years of poor performance and tough economic times. They’ve also been sold out throughout all six Super Bowl season.

That goes to support what I earlier said. The Steelers fans are loyal, and they support the team regardless of whether they have a good or bad form. However, people who are not lucky enough to get a ticket for home games stay away from downtown Pittsburgh as the traffic gridlock can be incredible.


While every team in all major sports has a passionate group of fans supporting it, the Steeler nation is among the best in the world. Fans from all over the world show up early enough for their games, and they are always ready to support the team all year round.


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