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The Steelers Need to CUT Ryan Switzer and Sign Michael Crabtree

November 11, 2019
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The Steelers Need to CUT Ryan Switzer and Sign Michael Crabtree

We have to face facts, this current Steelers Wide Receiver corps sucks. And yes, I’m including Juju Smith-Schuster who has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt he is NOT a WR1. As matter of fact, with all his drops, it looks like Juju is bucking to be the new Donte Moncrief. We’re getting some game out of rookie, Diontae Johnson, but that’s about it. James Washington is a bust. Ryan Switzer is a total dud and Johnny Holton, while being a great Special Teams player is providing NOTHING in the pass game. One top of that we’ve got a Tight End, Vance McDonald, now specializing in dropping of all passes that hit him and his hands and TE2 Nick Vanett has been a non-factor.

These guys STINK and they’re not going to get any better.

The Steelers need to CUT Ryan Switzer. Let Diontae Johnson return punts and Tony Brooks-James do kickoffs. They couldn’t do any worse. Switzer is averaging 4.3 yards on punts and 18.3 on kick returns. His averages are so low he isn’t even listed in the top 32. And that doesn’t take into account that he is waving his hand in the air or kneeling in the endzone most of time. He needs to go. Michael Crabtree can take his roster spot.

Juju and Vance McDonald need to start doing an hour on the Jugs Machine after practice. I’m not entirely sure what to do with James Washington. He sort of redeemed himself against the Rams but his needle is pointing way down.

The Steelers are in DESPERATE need of a veteran WR presence to show this group how it’s done. Michael Crabtree would fill the role Donte Moncrief was supposed to fill and I’m certain he would do a better job. At least he knows how to CATCH. I’m tired of watching Mason Rudolph put the ball in receivers hands only to have them clunk off like they have cement fingers. He needs help and NONE of the current WRs save Diontae Johnson are giving him any. And It’s not just that these guys are not helping Rudolph, they may actually be hurting his growth. How many drops can you have until you start second guessing yourself?

Here is my evaluation of Crabtree from a previous post when I identified some Free Agent WRs the Steelers should try out. That was before Jordan Matthews was re-signed by the Eagles. He’s gone but Crabtree is still there.

Michael Crabtree – The former 1st Round pick never quite lived up to his 2009 pre-draft hype but he has been a WR1 for a good portion of his career. Not too long ago, in 2016, he had one of the his biggest years in Oakland with 89 catches for 1,003 yards at 12.1 ypc and 8 touchdowns. He is 32 but he showed last year there was still some gas in his tank with 54 catches for 607 at 11.2 yards per and 3 TDs from spotty Raven QB play. He was released by the Cardinals before the season began. According to Cardinal’s Head Coach, Kliff Kingsbury, Crabtree’s was let go due to wanting young receivers for Kyler Murray to grow up with, not because Crabtree’s game has gone bad. Local Arizona media speculated Crabtree, like Matthews, was an insurance signing and his lack of playing time in preseason bears that out.

In closing. the Steelers need to add TWO Wide Receivers in next year’s Draft and their first pick in Round 2 should be one of them. They also need to target a pass catching Tight End because McDonald ain’t it and neither is Nick Vannett. But that’s next year. If the Steelers are serious about making a run for the playoffs they need to give Mason Rudolph some help, NOW!

Go Steelers!!!

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  1. Mark

    I think your being a bit hard on the WR group. All young and seem to be growing weekly. Crabtree would be a decent addition tho because Switzer n Holton are useless

    • Steelerdez

      Sounds like your ALL in you’re feelings.. Your WORST than a woman at that time of the month. This is a dumb article. We could talk about how you didn’t proof read. Try spell check and make sure you use the right punctuations. Are you a professional or a rookie? You sound like a bust to me.

  2. Mike A.

    I agree with the last comment. Regardless of the point you’re trying to make it gets lost in this sea of incorrect spelling and grammatical errors which in turn makes me question your credibility.

  3. Hey what about Dez Bryant??

  4. Bib

    Terrell Pryor is out there as a free agent won’t cost much and at 6’4” 235#’s running a 4.3. 40 could be the temporary answer the team needs.