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Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Pittsburgh Steelers

May 6, 2019
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Top 5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Pittsburgh Steelers

Do you love the Steelers? If yes then you are at the right article. It is without a doubt that the Pittsburgh Steelers are the most successful NFL team in football history. The numbers speak it all. They have won the Superbowl six times, and they are looking to earn more. It’s why you have more people betting on them at too – and we aren’t surprised.

The Top 5 Things You Will Love to Know About the Pittsburgh Steelers

If you think you know about the Steelers then here are five facts you definitely did not know about them.

#5. Winning did not come easy.

As mentioned earlier the Pittsburgh Steelers boast of the highest number of Superbowl victories. However, what you did not know is that winning never came that easy. It took them seven years before they could win their first title. The Steelers was formed in 1933, but it was until 1939 that the team got their first victory. They’re the best match until today was in 1972 which propelled them to their first playoff. If you ask any Steelers fan about this game, then you will understand why it is in the history books.

#4. Forget about a cheering squad.

Have you ever noted that the Steelers do not have a cheering squad? They are one six teams in the NFL that do not have a cheering squad; Cleveland Browns, Chicago Bears, New York Giants, Buffalo Bills, Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers did have a cheering squad which was dubbed the Steelerlettes. However, after nine seasons, they were cut off from the team.

#3. The unique helmets.

The helmets of the Steelers stand out from the rest of the 31 teams in the NFL. They are the only team which features their logo on only one of side. The logo was an advertisement for the American Institute and Steel Institute in 1962. When they changed their helmets to be permanently black, then they decided that the Steel logo would remain on one side of the helmet.

#2. The feared Chief

The founder of the Pittsburgh Steelers Arthur Rooney had a nickname.  He was referred to as the feared Chief. However, no one ever called him this name directly. The name was a name in his inner circle. When the name leaked to the media everyone revered to use it. Plus if you had the guts to call Rooney the Chief you sure would be nursing a broken nose.

#1. The Steelers Terrible Towel

Did you know that the Steelers Stadium bears a curse? The Steelers Stadium bears a curse known as the Terrible Towel. It involves waving the iconic yellow towel. This culture began in the 1970s. Other teams know that once the fans start waving their yellow flags the things are about to take a turn.

Are you proud to be a fan? What do you think makes the Pittsburgh Steelers stand out?


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