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Who will Come Out on Top – The Pittsburgh Steelers

December 17, 2018
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Who will Come Out on Top – The Pittsburgh Steelers

The Pittsburgh Steelers have a good side, though most of the players are past their prime. The team has bagged the AFC North two consecutive times and can make their claim on the title for the third time. The Steelers have players who can change the game at any moment and those who can push it towards a win. They may well be the ones to come out on top with their list of players.

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So here’s a take down on the best players and how they can affect the game.

Maurkice Pouncey

Pouncey is one of the best offensive linemen of all time. He has the thinking skills and a strong and big frame with nimble feet. He has played as the starting center for the team since the time he joined the league in 2010.

He has made 14 appearances spanning over six seasons though he missed some games in 2013. Pouncey has made it to the NFL Top 100 two times and called for Pro Bowl for six times while it’s four times for First-Team All-Pro. We are going to keep our eyes on him for the coming season and hope for a stellar performance.

Antonio Brown

Brown is the team’s best skilled offensive player. He can use his skills to turn the game, and his fast receptions have made a big contribution to the side. He takes some unique routes and can sweep past the defenders tactfully to collect yards and yards per touch. Brown’s past five seasons have been great with eight touchdowns, 1,000 receiving yards and over 100 receptions.

He has been included in NFL’s Top 100 list five times and ended up in the top five three times. We might see Brown bettering his records this time around though it wouldn’t be bad if he just keeps up his regular performance.

Artie Burns

We have got our best pass defender with some serious cornerback skills. Burns is big and quite fast though his aggression comes between his games occasionally. His physical attitude makes up for his temper with a sheer show of athleticism. He has gone for one interception which puts him in the league of two players who led the team.

Burns is the team’s dependable cornerback though his numbers aren’t impressive. He will get a chance to improve in the coming games and put up a strong defense.

Tyler Matakevich

Matakevich’s strong build has played in his advantage to make him the downhill linebacker in the team. It’s his third year since he has been filling in the shoes for Ryan Shazier, out on a serious injury. His 17 combined tackles till now can be considered a standard performance though the pressure on him is big. He can emerge as the best breakout player, but we have to wait for it.


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