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Why Kevin, Why?

April 26, 2019
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Why Kevin, Why?

Why Does Kevin Colbert Keep Negating PROVEN NFL Starter Free Agent Signings by Selecting The Same Positions Early in the Draft???

This is a quick rant. I just had to get it off my chest. It’s really sort of a question. A question/rant.

I thought the Morgan Burnett/Terrell Edmunds Free Agent signing/draft debacle was bad enough. I thought maybe Kevin Colbert had learned something from making Burnett the biggest FA signing only to have him request a trade at the end of season.

I thought the signings of PROVEN NFL STARTERS, Cornerback, Steven Nelson and Inside Linebacker, Mark Barron, would give the Steelers the opportunity to focus on giving a challenge to the weaker starters on team. For instance, someone to push the under performing, almost certain bust, Bud Dupree. The very often injured Stephon Tuitt could’ve used a challenge, as well. The Steelers could’ve added a pass catching Tight End to compliment Vance McDonald.

None of that will be happening.

While everybody acknowledges Kevin Colbert is one of the better personal managers in the NFL, this approach is very wasteful. I’m guessing at least one of the two biggest Free Agent signings of 2019 will be requesting a trade sooner than later and that is a damn shame. It’s also not fair to the players who have signed on and if I was an NFL Free Agent I would think twice about signing with the Steelers. It doesn’t seem there’s much job security, here.

Don’t get me wrong, I think both ILB Devin Bush and CB Justin Layne will be great additions to the team. I had both of them in one of my Mock Drafts but why didn’t Colbert sign other positions if he knew he was going go early at ILB and CB??? With the combined salaries of Nelson and Barron the team could’ve made one big signing in a weak starter position that wouldn’t have been made instantly redundant by the Draft.

End of rant.

Go Steelers!!!

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